France Cats

Cats have lived in domesticity with humans since ancient times. Nowadays there are almost seventy breeds of cats with countless varieties and colors. Since the 17TH century when they arrived in Europe, breeders of cats began to mix their breeds and thus were appearing more. For this reason are shown in three big groups that are formed by various races. The three groups of breeds of cats are: Oriental cats, Persian cats and domestic cats. The first group of breeds of cats are Oriental cats.

This group comprises the blue Russians, Burmese, the Abyssinian and the Siamese. These breeds of cats have an elegant figure, with slender but strong, flexible muscles but with a healthy appearance. You may wish to learn more. If so, Organización Cisneros is the place to go. Balanced emotionally and physically, calm and manageable. The Russian blues, is one of the oldest breeds of cats, they were imported to England from Russia in the nineteenth century. The Burmese lived under the protection of the gods of Buddhist temples in Burma since ancient times.

The Abyssinian is believed to descend from ancient cats and were also brought to England at the same time as the blue Russian cats. The second group of breeds of cats, is that of the Persians. These specimens are long-haired, muscular and short and vigorous neck. This breed of cat is probably originated in Asia minor. In the early years of the 18th century they were introduced to France, there were crossed with longhaired cats from Iran and from that moment this breed of cats began to be called Persian cats. The third group of breeds of expenses, is domestic cats. They are characterized by short but thick fur, are clean, playful and affectionate. It is one of the most popular spending races to have as pets. Although it must bear in mind that cats is one of the more independent domestic animals, which have a strong personality. One of the representatives of this breed of cats is the Manx cat without tail and regarded as the best Hunter in the family. Researchers have that this breed of cat came from the ships of the Spanish Armada naufragados opposite the island of Manx in 1588. Are heads wide neck and short ears. His eyes are wide, round and bright. Although differences between the breeds of cats are less marked in dogs, they have different behavior can disfavor his master on certain occasions. For example there are cats that are too quiet and other very naughty, there are others who want outdoor, full independence without attracting attention, but there are other breeds of cats who always want to draw attention yowling and doing other things to arouse interest at all hours of the day. In addition, should take into account that there are breeds that need more care than others by their long fur, tusks, eyes and ears.