Spanish General Elections

Or that another lesson that we try to teach that “the river Ebro is not all Spanish” … The Government of Time Time-The PSOE and the PP-have to understand, once and for all the harm that Spanish nationalism (CiU, PNV, BNG …) we are doing with their extremist ideas, which though respectable, are often out of context, and forget that the only true ‘nation’ within the Spanish territory is Spain. These small political parties, and I keep saying that they are respected by all Spanish sociological represent a minority but are perched on coalitions of power through it: this is really not good for the Spanish nation. The Organic Law on General Elections (1985) states, and to the general election, those exceeding 3% of the votes will be represented in the House of Representatives: I thought that current should rise 3% to 5% of the votes. It is my humble opinion on this, although I can be wrong. These small political parties (BNG, CiU, PNV …), which in turn make common cause in the implementation of their own languages, which are: Galician, Catalan and Basque, are promoting a kind of ‘Aliens’ or ‘foreigners’ in their own autonomy, which make its inhabitants look to Spain as an enemy nation: nothing further.

They have to understand, and truth, which, with its languages, and after crossing the Pyrenees, no one will know the past, and if the English and Spanish: This is a reality as a temple. With our system current election, the Spanish-including nationalist parties, we have become accustomed, and we have become accustomed to regularly place our votes inside the polls prepared for this purpose. So we live our small and big dreams, we never met, and if we walk live forever with our lights and our shadows: more shadows than lights. And is that when we vote we choose acronyms, symbols, ideas … and not people as it should be. And certainly we becoming less free and poorer: all politicians are removed thousands of euros, allegedly earned with honesty and work …

The History of Spain we are doing day by day, minute by minute second by second … every one of us. We are all witnesses of what our society is corrupt, and in many walks of life, but certain “political” are reaching with ease, and when they retire, the degree of ‘doctorate in corruption’, many of them with a note distinction.