SHEDLIN Capital Performed

In China’s provincial capital Nanjing very Nuremberg coveted commercial space, 12.03.2013. “The Fund in 2009, SHEDLIN Chinese property 1 GmbH & co. KG”, which could be closed with a volume of around 30 million euros, is also at its second investment well above expectations. After the first successful project of Wuxi”SHEDLIN Chinese, property 1 invested approximately $ 20 million in the realization of a residential and retail real estate in the emerging provincial capital Nanjing with a population of 7.7 million. Project development partner is the 1.9 billion market capitalization on the stock exchange-quoted RiseSun real estate development. RiseSun has an excellent local expertise in the real estate sector. In a joint project with SHEDLIN sales of 178,000 square meters, with an expected return (IRR) of 26.8 percent at project level and apartments surfaces currently. Away from the State settled the commercial space, but also much of the sale 630 apartments, alone in December were the sales figures 327 Percent plan”, says Simon Piepereit, Fund Manager of SHEDLIN capital Ltd.

And achievable prices were above plan, which ultimately leads to a higher yield of the project. 269.2 Million renminbi (RMB), which is equivalent to approximately US$ 43 million (USD), had been calculated on income for 2012, the actual revenues amounted to 325,9 RMB (about 52 million US dollars). Property 1 are good news for the Fund subscribers of SHEDLIN Chinese, because of participation which calculated on only five years with a target return on equity before taxes by 15 percent annually. The total payout, including the repatriation of investment capital will take place at the end of the term. The return includes early artist bonus exceeds 12% p.a. (IRR), the managing limited partner shall receive a share of 40 percent on the results, generated about. 60 Percent of the extra profit flows to the investors. Thus, there is a high interest equal sound between all those involved. For more information, SHEDLIN capital AG