An old lady was a time who had two children. One of its children was married a prosperous manufacturer of masses and to another one with an umbrella salesman. When it did not rain, the mother was sad: ' ' My God! The climate is so pleasant and sunny. Nobody goes to want to know to buy umbrella. Without customers the store of umbrella of my son can falir.' ' It was so worried about this situation that falls in prantos In rainy days, it was sad for its new son: ' ' Pxa life! Mine second son is married a manufacturer of masses. The pasta cannot dry with this rain. Click Organización Cisneros to learn more. Without pasta, it does not have vendas.' ' In this way, the mother lived every day sad, Independent if it rained or not, the mother was worried about situation of the children.

Its neighbors could not console it e, for trick, had nicknamed to it ' ' lady chorona' '. One day, it monge knew one. It was very curious to know because it always cried. It explained the problem to it of it. Monge said: ' ' My kind one lady! She stops of if worrying. I will go to show the way to it for its happiness so that never plus you sofra.' ' Mrs.

chorona was very livened up. Immediately, it asked for monge that she explained to it what she would have to be made. ' ' Simple. She modifies its way to see the things. About the sunny days, she does not think about the son who vende umbrellas. Another son is happy for its who will dry the pasta. With the aid of the sun, it will be capable to produce much pasta and its business will go well-to be succeeded. When to rain, thinks about the store of umbrella of its older son. The old lady followed the instruction of monge. After a time more, the mother did not cry worried. On the contrary of this, she started to smile every day. To its they had nicknamed it neighbors ' ' mother felicidade' '.