Old Spanish Poetry

For this dual national and human value, the poem deals with a value of id eminent among all the masterpieces of modern literature springs, being the first title of literary glory of Castillo crazy. Spain had to deal with in your breast with French idolatry, plea of persecution and prohibitions. “Spain had their identity crisis by the second literary agents? A if it is. “These current renovation of the old Spanish poetry not yet reached the Spain of Ferdinand VII. In it the French classicism calm prevailed, since it was only accidentally literary form that spreads during the absolute rule of Ferdinand VII, but the strictness of its rules, and often by authoritarian procedures that came, was actually absolutism in literature. Consequently the other party in any country like Spain is true the saying of Victor Hugo, namely, that romanticism is the liberalism of the art in the peninsula effect on not only the romance was liberalism in literature, but also confused closely with liberalism in politics.

The great romantics were great liberal who suffered persecution of Fernando VII, unlike in France, where the circumstances made that were absolutely romantic and classical liberals were. The favorite haunt of the Spanish emigrants England was free. There were a very important core, which recreated his literary tastes by publishing a magazine called leisure of Spanish emigrants in London, which recorded the impressions and ideas received in the country of emigration. Always linked to literature and politics, England, the Spanish first ally in the war independence, and then sought refuge from the Liberals, was the great initiator of Spanish romanticism.